Tuesday, March 20, 2012

California / News: Agriculture license plate almost fully grown

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has been promoting the idea of an agriculture-themed license plate for many years, and finally received legislative approval for it in 2010. In most other states, this would be pretty much the end of the story, and people would already be enjoying the use of "ag tags" (as they've been nicknamed).

But California has one of the highest thresholds for specialty plate production, requiring a minimum of 7500 pre-orders from interested parties before production can begin. The CDFA began this process in earnest as soon as their plate was approved.

Two years later, the CDFA has not yet reached their goal - but now they're reportedly very close, and are making a final push to get over the line by the April 6 deadline set by the state. They also gained some unexpected help from a generous donor who is offering to reimburse prospective buyers' extra registration costs for the first year of the new plate's use.

When it is finally released to the public, the plate will help to fund education and career programs in agriculture-related fields, as well as youth leadership programs.

Sources: Western Farm Press Mar. 2 article, CDFA info page.

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