Sunday, March 30, 2014

Opening Day: License plates of baseball's American League Central

After exploring two divisions of the National League, we'll turn to the American League Central in our continuing exploration/celebration of MLB-themed license plates.

Monday afternoon, the Kansas City Royals will take on the Detroit Tigers. Unfortunately, neither of these teams are represented by their respective states (Missouri and Michigan) with a commemorative license plate. For the Royals, this is especially galling considering that the Cardinals are represented - and, no, there's no help across the border either, as Kansas doesn't offer one either.

Later in the evening, the Minnesota Twins travel to Chicago's South Side to tangle with the White Sox. Ball three for the AL Central arrives now, because Minnesota doesn't have a Twinkies plate either. But Illinois comes through, giving Sox fans a beautiful black-and-white issue to match their team's starkness of uniform.

Finally, the Cleveland Indians will find themselves in picturesque Oakland, California on Monday evening for a clash with the Athletics. At about the same time as Ohio refreshed the rest of their plates to match the new "Ohio Pride" design, they switched the Indians' old Chief Wahoo logo out for a more generic "Indians" script logo. This de-emphasis of the insensitive native portrayal has been gradually increasing for the past few seasons, to the point where the team's uniforms now focus more on the block-C design. This plate, in its small way, is an extension of that effort.

We'll journey back to the NL in our next installment, turning to the East.

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