Plate Want List - Current as of October 30, 2011

Like most collectors' want lists, this is a dynamic document and will be updated on a semi-regular basis.

If you have any of these plates and are willing to sell, trade or give (!) them away to help out one of my runs, don't hesitate to comment below and I'll find a way to get in touch.

On the broadest level, I'm always looking for plates from Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa, especially non-passenger types. If you've got a bunch, let me know and I'll give you a more specific idea of what I need - it's a bit too wide a net to list everything here.

Now, on to the more specific. I'm building several different runs at the moment, listed in order of importance. I'm not all that concerned with condition, but I would prefer plates of "Very Good" level or above. I also have some particularities about county/region codes on certain plates; see the notes for details.

The first and most pressing of these runs is my USA birth year run for 1979. I still need the following, all natural passenger issues, don't care about the month:

Alabama (77 capitol base) with 79 sticker, blank-bottom or with Jefferson county sticker
Alaska (76 Kodiak base) with 79 sticker
Arizona (73 green/copper base) with 79 sticker
Colorado (undated mountain base) with 79 sticker, JX through LL series (El Paso county)
Delaware (First State base) with 79 sticker
District of Columbia (Bicentennial base) with 79 sticker
Florida (undated green/white base) with 79 sticker, blank-bottom or with Dade county sticker
Georgia (76 red/white base) with 79 sticker, Fulton county sticker
Hawaii (76 warrior base) with 79 sticker, Honolulu county code
Idaho (green/white base) with 79 sticker, Ada (1A) county code
Indiana (79 race car base), 49 (Marion) county code
Iowa (79 white/green base) unstickered, Polk county stamp
Kansas (76 white/blue base) with 79 sticker, JO (Johnson) county code
Louisiana (undated Bayou State base) with 79 sticker, A (Baton Rouge) troop code
Maryland (red/white base) with 79 sticker
Massachusetts (green/white base) with 79 sticker
Minnesota (78 graphic base) with 79 sticker
Mississippi (77 Hospitality State base) with 79 sticker, Hinds county stamp
Nebraska (76 Bicentennial base) with 79 sticker, 1 (Douglas) county code
North Carolina (undated "slogan-free" base) with 79 sticker
Ohio (undated red/white base) with 79 sticker, AA-1 through QZ-999 (Cuyahoga county)
Oklahoma (undated blue/white base) with 79 sticker, XA through YZ series (Oklahoma county)
Pennsylvania (undated yellow Keystone State base) with 79 sticker
South Carolina (76 Bicentennial base) with 79 sticker
South Dakota (76 "flag" base) with 79 sticker, any Minnehaha county code (MA, ME, MH, MN, MO, MX, MZ)
Tennessee (77 Volunteer State base) with 79 sticker, 1 (Shelby) county code
Texas (75 black/white base) with 79 sticker
Utah (undated black/white base) with 79 sticker
Washington (undated green/white base) with 79 sticker
West Virginia (76 Wild Wonderful base) with yellow/green 78 sticker (yes, this was an error by the state)
Wisconsin (73 Dairyland base) with 79 sticker

And along with the USA birthyear run goes the Canadian version, of course. This one's actually more complete at the moment, with just a few pressing needs:

British Columbia (undated blue base) unstickered, AAA through AKK series
Northwest Territories (79 bear base) unstickered
Prince Edward Island (76 Seat Belts Save base) with 79 sticker

I also would eventually like to get a 79-80 Mexico City ("D.F.") plate, but that's it - i feel no need to go code-hunting for all the different Mexican states yet, especially when they all looked the same during that period.

Eventually, I'd like to get as much as I can from 1979, and I am building a rather wide-ranging collection of non-passenger stuff in that regard, but I want to finish the passenger runs first.

Finally, I'm casually collecting plates from all the NCAA Division I colleges. I'll list my needs more specifically at a later date.

More needed as well...stay tuned, and thanks in advance if you can help me out!

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